Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— جلال‌الدین محمد رومی


After many years working in Asia, I started MUSE Bride as a small solo creative atelier with the goal of introducing a fresh new editorial style of wedding photography to my MUSE Bride Clientele.

At MUSE Bride I approach each Client event with a tremendous amount of care and consideration. My emphasis is on creating beautiful bridal images by utilizing the collective insights of my Clients, bespoke creative services, and a deep understanding of cross-cultural forms and communication. At MUSE, my style is a blend of photojournalistic, editorial, and traditional elements.

Today I commute between Hawaii and Asia \ South East Asia for my Clientele, but would be delighted to create beautiful images with you anywhere in the world.

Photographer Bio

I am very blessed to have found my passion in this life. I am equally blessed to work with my incredible Clientele and to co-create amazing images with them.

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2019 Creative Aspirations

MUSE Bride is my purest form of creative expression.

During the Twenty-Nineteen Season I aspire to create beautiful bridal images that are steeped in integrity and authenticity. I aspire to build Client portfolios of beautifully crafted bridal images that evoke heart-felt emotions, that are anchored in quality, and are not trendy or time-stamped. I aspire to not enable society’s need for instant gratification, me-to-ism, and Instagram monotony.

In Twenty-Nineteen I aspire to consciously remove myself from what contemporary culture has told me is beautiful ~ to follow my heart, and to create work which feels as though everything was made with a positive intent, with love and in joy.

What I Believe In

  • Creating Metaphors: I believe every image has the capacity to stand for something deeper than what is apparent. 

  • Making Tools: I believe in creating hybrid tools in order to create beautiful images. I believe that my hand-made tools amplify my creativity.

  • Slowing Down: I believe it's important to desynchronize from standard time frames. I believe that by slowing down beautiful images will present themselves magically.